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Velitra rubropicta(Amyot & Serville, 1843)

Adult Female, pinned specimen: A - Dorsal view B - Lateral view C - Ventral view.
This image was contributed by Yeo Huiqing as part of her undergraduate final year project in NUS.

H Yeo
All Rights Reserved
Identified By: WS Hwang & H Yeo

Basic Information

Arthropoda: Insecta: Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Cimicomorpha: Reduviidae: Reduviinae
Residency Status:


Identifying Features:
Body dark brown, elongate and moderately flattened.
Wings dark brown except with the greater part of veins and corium pale yellow.
Pronotum with anterior lobe moderately sculptured, posterior lobe with three longitudinal series of grooves


Opinus rubro-pictus Amyot & Serville, 1843
Platymeris discolor Herrich-Schaeffer, 1848
Platymeris rubropicta Stål, 1864
Velitra rubro-picta Stål, 1866
Reduvius rivulosus Walker, 1873
Reduvius rivulosus Lethierry & Severin, 1896